Helping Greater Atlanta’s homebuilding industry—
25 years and counting.

When homebuilders and residential developers need a higher level of financial insight, they turn to R2 Management Partners.

For more than 25 years, we have been providing customized accounting, finance and operational support to residential builders and developers. And when our clients’ operations have taken them into surrounding states, we’ve been right there, supporting that growth. Because many of our services can be delivered virtually, we are able to support builders with operations from Birmingham to Augusta to Greenville and everywhere in between.

With average total closing volume in excess of 800 homes per year, we have developed time-tested financial and operational processes that keep builders and developers on a straight path to achieve their goals. That means peace of mind that allows the owner to focus on what’s most important—building the business.

R2 Management is led by Nathan Greene and Randy Greene, both of whom have decades of experience supporting the business operations of Atlanta’s homebuilders and developers. Our in-the-trenches experience means that we can deliver services that go far beyond traditional bookkeeping and payroll services. From improving the efficiency of the job-start process to putting the right executive team in place, we help savvy builders and developers assess and strengthen the foundation of the business.

Ready to power up your business? Turn to the Builder’s CFO.