Randy Greene


P: 678.765.6761 ext
E: randy@r2management.com

When Randy approaches a problem, he asks himself not so much “Can it be done?” but “How can it be done?”

Whether the target is to maximize profits, bring discipline to the organization, solve a specific challenge or grow the company, he always finds a way to lay the foundation his clients need to get them where they want to go.

With 32 years in the construction industry, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen. While working as an accountant for a builder, Randy saw that builders like his employer needed specialized but affordable business advisory and accounting services. He started RAN Management to benefit those small to mid-sized builders, allowing them to tap into his years of experience and industry contacts while accessing the support staff and leadership comparable to that of a national builder. With these key advantages, they can move to a higher volume, if they choose, without incurring the extensive overhead of providing it all for their individual firms.

RAN Management became R2 Management Partners with the transition of leadership to Nathan. As president of R2, Randy does whatever is necessary to support builders’ goals–even if that means handling home construction and company operations. For example:

  • On multiple occasions, when clients passed due to illness, Randy stepped in and completed construction of existing inventory and built homes on the remaining lots for the benefit of the widows, convincing the respective lenders to continue funding the projects.
  • Randy worked with builders during the recession to complete and sell hundreds of  homes in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. Based on his detailed proposals demonstrating projected cash flow and expected return on capital that would minimize losses, lenders approved a syndicated loan. Randy handled the construction and sales as well as accounting to achieve the builders’ goals within the projected time frame.

Before entering the construction industry, Randy held a variety of positions. After running his own business while he earned his BBA from West Georgia College, he served as regional sales manager for Collegiate Products traveling the southeast, a staff accountant for Kentucky Fried Chicken and accounting systems specialist for Bridgeport Machines. Considering these varied experiences, you’ll begin to see the source of his belief that anything is possible. (You might also wonder when he had time to earn his doctorate in law from Woodrow Wilson College of Law, but that’s another story.)

His vision continues to pay off for builders. Helping them achieve their goals in the ever-changing industry remains deeply satisfying for Randy, who also derives great pleasure from seeing his employees thrive (secretly, he’s not the tough guy he sometimes appears to be).

Randy holds a Georgia Homebuilder Residential License and is an active member of the Georgia Homebuilders Association. He and his wife Martha have been married since 1972 and have two grown sons and five grandchildren.