Nathan Greene


P: 678.765.6761 ext 18

“What kind of builder do you want to be?”

This is one of the first questions Nathan asks the builders and developers who come to him for help running and growing their companies. Their answers set a course for how he will help them increase profitability, operate more efficiently and achieve their goals.

As CEO of R2, he brings a lifetime of experience serving the residential construction community in Atlanta and across the Southeast. In addition to providing accounting solutions, financial consulting and business advisory services with R2, he has worked as CFO for a residential builder, helping the company transition from its legacy development business and emerge as a growth-oriented homebuilder.
As a student, Nathan’s favorite class was history. That respect for the lessons of the past shows up clearly in his approach to business:

“Builders will make mistakes. That is unavoidable. We’re all human. We try not to repeat others’ mistakes—we only want to make new mistakes.”

Drawing on the pooled resources and shared knowledge of R2 Management, Nathan anticipates problems and provides customized solutions that meet the unique needs of the business owners he serves, such as:

• Helping a family-owned Atlanta homebuilder grow to the level of closing more than 700 homes in one year.

• Supporting the sustainable growth of a North Georgia homebuilder from 2 homes to 300+ in less than 8 years.

• Assuming control of two clients’ companies on behalf of their estates to ensure
that all creditors and stakeholders were made whole after their untimely deaths.

A Georgia native, Nathan earned his BBA at Georgia Southern University and MBA at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. He is a member of the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association.

Nathan’s close-knit family includes his wife, Dori, and the couple’s two children. In his leisure hours he is a master of the grill and enjoys all kinds of cooking. Many of Nathan’s friends know he is an amateur homebrewer, but only a select few are aware that he swept the awards at his neighborhood’s 2013 Homebrewing Competition.